The Artist

The diversity and complexity of humanity inspire me as a photographer. I am fascinated by the idea that no two individuals are the same, and every photograph is unique to the photographer. Through my work, I aim to tell stories of life, love, and triumph, celebrating the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.

My artistic journey extends beyond photography into the realm of writing. From a young age, I have found joy in crafting stories and poetry, and as I grew older, I began intertwining my

written words with my photographs. This interdisciplinary approach, I refer to as The Missy Burton Experience, allows me to explore themes and narratives in a multifaceted manner, enriching the viewer’s experience.

When I look through my lens, the only things that matter are lights, shadows, leading lines, and composition. The narratives from my photographs often reveal themselves over time as I reflect and contemplate what I have captured.

While I primarily work with digital photography, I also sincerely appreciate the warmth and nostalgia of film. I am rediscovering this medium through vintage cameras, exploring new avenues of creativity and expression.

In contrast to my approach to photography, I prefer to begin my writing process with pen and paper, allowing my thoughts to flow freely before they are transcribed for archival purposes. This tactile experience adds depth and intimacy to my written work, complementing the visual

narratives I create through photography.

My work reflects my fascination with the human experience and my desire to capture its beauty and complexity. Through photography and writing, I strive to evoke emotion, spark

imagination, and invite viewers to see the world through a different lens.




Editorial Includes

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“Are you making art? Or is art making you?”