Ode to the Female Essence


I Am Woman, Ode to the Female Essence is a collection of photographs and poetry about womanhood at all stages of life by artist Missy Burton. An award-winning photographer, Missy Burton captures the essence of womanhood in some forty plus images mostly in black and white. Burton’s “ode to the female essence” depicts the life energy, wisdom, femininity, innocence, boldness, and strength of the women she documents including some self-portraits. The photographs are accompanied by Burton’s original poems each inspired by the imagery of mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and friends alike.

Burton’s love for nature is evident as she intersperses images of butterflies which she uses as metaphors for growth & transformation. Burton takes us on a journey to explore what it means to be a woman. With the camera as her primary tool and prose as her nails she has constructed a masterful body of work. There is a reverence that emanates from each photograph, a quite contemplative reverence.

The poetry is a perfect complement towards the sentiments presented in the images. Sometimes funny and very matter-of-fact, at other times spiritual and meditative, Burton does not mince her words. Burton has created a body of work that is sure to present new ideas around womanhood, while challenging old notions about femininity, societal cultural roles and norms.

This work inspired Burton’s self-published book, “I Am Woman, Ode to the Female Essence,” available at www.msaniihousbooks.com.

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