The Dynasty Exhibition: Virtual Tour

The Missy Burton Experience is proud to welcome you to explore, “Dynasty:  The Peculiar Search for Totality” exhibition 360 virtual tour. This immersive experience will bring you inside the halls of the African American Museum of Dallas. It will also allow you to examine the photographs even closer than you would in person.

Virtual Tour Tips

For the best experience using your mouse click and hold to pivot and move through the tour. There are white semi-transparent makers on the floor to help guide. Each Dynasty photograph to has a tag which you can click and it will bring you front and center. This tag also provides details of the photograph.

Please Note

This tour and these presentations have been tested and should work on all common devices, browsers, and operating systems (using a desktop computer with Windows, Mac, Linux or a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android). Functionality and appearance may vary as it will adjust automatically to accommodate the most visitors.

Want to learn more?

Explore the Woman of Dynasty in A/R (augmented reality)!

Explore, “Dynasty: The Peculiar Search for Totality” in augmented reality! Scan each photograph using the Sanaa.io app and prepare yourself for the ultimate experience and listen as they share their stories.