Missy Burton

Artist StatementI use photography as the medium to express my interpretation of life, love & the world around us. I love working with color but I am particularly drawn to black & white images because the absence of color encourages the viewer to look beyond the obvious to explore the subliminal. My inspiration mainly comes from my perception of social influences. Each one of my frozen timepieces begin with a simple raw snap shot from my digital camera. Suddenly, a vision erupts-sometimes fueled by personal inspiration and at other times fueled by pure imagination. I seize these opportunities to begin creating a new masterpiece. I start by adjusting the lighting and experimenting with coloring. It isn't long before I find myself seamlessly molding the raw photo into a resonating piece of artwork that undeniably possesses the power to mesmerize its viewer. The final stage of creation involves the selection of the mounting which electrifies the dynamics of the artwork’s details and unleashes the beginning of an untold story. I invite the viewer to approach my work with curiosity and be open to a strong connection with my images and the story behind them.

My work is a means of expression and a way for me to communicate how I perceive the world around me. So when I say that I’m an artist, that statement alone should be considered adequate. -Missy B.

My Projects: