I Am Woman

Artist Statement

This series of images attempts to investigate the very essence and nature of a woman.  Through the medium of photography, I endeavored to capture various women at different stages of life. I believe there is a mystical power that matures through the life of a woman, sometimes visible and hidden at other times. What we know, is that humans come into existence only by way of a woman, including Jesus. That’s powerful and purposeful! This body of work is a celebration and affirmation of that power and purpose.

What I discovered in this project, is the uniqueness and universality that comes with being a woman. Through my conversations with these and other women, and through personal reflections of my experiences, I gained a greater appreciation of the tremendous burden of womanhood. At the same time, I know womanhood is something to be revered and respected.

Additionally, I decided to share my thoughts and feelings on the subject by including some of my own poetry. I created a poem to accompany each image as a means of further exploring the ideas these images suggested to me. I have been a photography enthusiast since I received my first camera at age five, and it has been my primary mode of creative expression for most of my life. I realized later in life that poetry was another viable avenue for my personal expression. It made sense for be to bring the two together to tell this story, my story.

A Woman's Work

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