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The Point Of No Return

Missy Burton, 2014, Dallas Texas

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  • Missy Burton
  • 2014
  • 1017 S. Broadway St. Carrollton, Tx 75006
  • Photography
  • MB-2014-PON-001
  • 17" x 11"
  • The Missy Burton Experience

As I lay in slumber

I dream of the day

that I become a baby and

see Mommy’s face

But for now I’m safe and

perfectly tucked away

Encased in a pod only God can create

The beat of her heart

and the sound of her voice

are all I need to

make my heart rejoice



That vibration I feel

Woah! There it is again

It’s about to get real

Vibration again

Mommy is scared

Now she is crying

Wait…what’s that touching my hair?

Vibration getting stronger

Tossing me all around

Now my legs are kicking

Quit touching my crown!

I heard Daddy say, “PUSH!”

Mommy started screaming

My legs are kicking again

Can I just go back to dreaming?

Someone said, “There she is!”

“Just one more push!”

Are you kidding me?

My head will NOT go through mommy’s tush!

Kick…Push…Woah! I made it through!

Why is it so cold out here? 


NO NONO! Don’t cut that!

Please put me back!

I just wanted to be a baby

I didn’t want to be attacked!

I just wanted to be a baby

But I think I changed my mind

I’m shivering and it’s way too bright out here

and I can’t hear Mommy’s heartbeat or mine

I just wanted to be a baby

That’s all I wanted to be

I didn’t want my Mommy to be separate from me

I just wanted to be a baby

I don’t even know what that means

I just wanted to be a baby

Somehow I pictured things more serene

wait…I think I hear Daddy

Ohhhhh…that cover feels warm

“Daddy I’m over here!”

If Daddy is close then Mommy is near

Then finally it happened

They laid me on her chest

I heard her heart beating

No stress

Just blessed


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