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The End Of Innocence

Missy Burton, 2013, Dallas Texas

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  • Missy Burton
  • 2013
  • 1017 S. Broadway St. Carrollton, Tx 75006
  • Photography
  • MB-2013-END-001
  • 11" x 17"
  • The Missy Burton Experience

I saw this little girl crying

And this lady trying

To console her and

Dry her eyes

She was saying something about

Good touch and bad touch


My ears perked up

This lady need to sit down and shut the hell up

Because the way I see it in my mind

All touch is bad…all the time

Especially when you are so small

And surrounded by evil ass people all big and tall

Hovering above you like vultures and

Distracting you with candy and puppies and

Peanut butter

I know that shit don’t rhyme

But sometimes you gottaget your point across

I hate puppies and

Peanut butter makes me gag and

There aintno damn Santa Claus

Now hashtag that

Naw…aintno good touch

Aintnothing good about somebody touchin’ on me

Especially on my privacy

I’ll be damned if I ever let somebody caress me

Cause touching don’t lead to nothing but

Black and blue skin and

Bloody thighs and

Nightmares and

Barren souls and

Invisible tears falling from lifeless eyes

Nawit aintno good touch 

That lady better go sit her ass down somewhere and

Shut the hell up


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