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Missy Burton, 2018, Dallas Texas

Dada (1800-1860) is Akofena’s daughter. Her name means “sister” in Swahili. Dada was playing by the river when she was 10 and was captured by a rival tribe and sold to British Europeans. She ended up enslaved in South Carolina. Raped at the age of 14 by her owner, she gave birth to Aba at the age of 15.

  • Missy Burton
  • 2018
  • 1017 S. Broadway St. Carrollton, Tx 75006
  • Dynasty
  • Photography
  • MB-2018-DDA-001
  • 30" x 40"
  • The Missy Burton Experience

I see you cringe

Every time you see a picture of me

And I can’t even believe that

You’re ashamed of who I chose to be

Do you know how strong I had to be

to take care of Massa

and his whole damn family?

While my whole family

was waiting on me

at the end of every day

to do Mama things?

Do you know how strong I had to be

to nurse another woman’s baby

When I could hear my baby crying?

That shit made me crazy!

Do you know what I mean?

And when Massa had a problem

I had to step up

to make sure he looked good

and didn’t mess nothin’ up

and when he cheated on Ma’am

I was there to cheer her up

I would dry her tears but I kept my mouth shut

I would eaves drop on Massa

And memorize his days

So the slaves that planned on runnin’

Would have more time to get away

Don’t get it twisted honey

I ran that whole damn place

Massa, the slaves & the overseers

we’re all doing things my way

Don’t you dare shrink when you see me

You hold your head high in esteem

Because you are a descendent of the greatest matriarch

that America has ever seen

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