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Missy Burton , 2019 , Dallas Texas

Wawa Aba (1815-1840) was Akofena’s granddaughter. She was stubborn in birth and in life, so Dada named her, Wawa Aba, the “seed of the wawa tree,” because the seed is really hard. Nicknamed Aba, she was a rebel who couldn’t be controlled by anyone. With one blue eye and one brown eye, anytime she looked in the mirror, her blue eye reminded her of all that she hates in this life.

Aba’s owner wanted her as his sole possession and constantly raped her, though she had a husband. When she gave birth to Nunu at age 24, and Aba’s owner saw Nunu’s smooth chocolate skin, he was outraged. He ordered Nunu’s father’s death hours after her birth. In a murderous rage, Aba gutted 13 heads of her owner’s cattle while everyone was sleeping. The next morning, when her owner learned of this massacre, he beat her to death, leaving her 2-day-old baby an orphan.

  • Missy Burton
  • 2019
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  • Dynasty
  • Photography
  • DYN-2019-1000
  • 24" x 16"
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