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A Woman’s Work

Missy Burton, 2017, Dallas Texas

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  • Missy Burton
  • 2017
  • 1017 S. Broadway St. Carrollton, Tx 75006
  • Photography
  • MB-2017-AWW-BW-001
  • 17" x 11"
  • The Missy Burton Experience

Rise and shine

The first thing on my mind

Is to thank God for this day

and ask him to make a way

and  give me the strength to do what I gottado

and say what I gottasay

Make a pot of coffee

and pour me a cup

take a sip

enjoy the silence

before everybody gets up

I make breakfast and lunch

Get dressed, put on my shoes

No time for the gym, too much shit to do

Wake the kids and they get dressed

Loddycan’t find her favorite shirt

Now she’s stressed

You can’t decide on what tie to wear

Now I’m stressed

Bubbahreminds me to sign a permission slip

so he can go on some stupid ass field trip

that he really don’t want go on

but it gets him out of school

So I sign cause

that battle this morning

I refuse

Kids start fightin’ about I don’t know what

Immawhoop both they asses  if they don’t shut up!

Now you can’t find your keys

and Loddycan’t find her book

I find ‘emboth

Just had to look

Kiss you and you go off to work

It’s my turn for car pool

Get the kids in the car

Drop everybody off at school

Go to the office

and put in my 8

Pick up your dry cleaning

Traffic’s bad

Running late

Walk in the door to 6 eyes lookin’ at me

asking about what I’m cookin’ cause they all hungry


I make dinner

Start the laundry

Make everybody’s plate

Help with homework

Clean the kitchen


Can I just sit down for one minute?

Drag myself into the shower

Close my eyes and exhale

You almost there sista

The evening will prevail

Kiss the kids goodnight

Slide into bed and turn off the lights


At last…

Close my eyes to drift off to sleep

Now you feelin’ on my booty


…gottado one more thing


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