Missy Burton

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Missy Burton is the Co-Founder of Msanii HOUS Fine Art and an award-winning photographer who creates expressive imagery that consistently explores the effects of social influences on human rights.

Her work is in the permanent collection of the African American Museum of Dallas as well as multiple private collections.  Burton is passionate about mentoring emerging artists and currently lives and works in Dallas, TX.



Artist Statement

I use photography & poetry as the mediums to express my interpretation of life, love & the world around us. I begin each photo-shoot with a detailed, carefully designed set.  I am deliberate when choosing my subjects so that they complement the imagery that I ultimately want to convey.  This sets a strong foundation for the final result that I meticulously develop in my studio using digital manipulation.  I then use specific care when deciding on the paper, mounting & framing for the final reveal, as they are all part of the story.

Although I love working with color I am particularly drawn to black & white images because I strongly believe that the absence of color encourages the viewer to look beyond the obvious to explore the subliminal. I often use poetry to accompany my works to give voice to the walls.  My inspiration comes from my perception of the effects of social influences on human rights.  My work is often described as emotional, edgy & audacious.  I invite the viewer to approach my work with curiosity and be open to a strong connection with my works and the stories behind them.